Simple smoked / roasted turkey

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Simple smoked / roasted turkey



  • If you purchase a frozen turkey, thaw the turkey in the refrigerator for a few days until completely defrosted all the way through.
  • Factor in one day of thawing time for every four pounds of bird into your prep time. This might take up to a 4 days, depending on the size of the turkey.
  • Brine your turkey
  • Preheat your grill to 225 degrees
  • If smoking your turkey add cherry, apple, peach or orange wood chips  Fruit chips give the bird a sweet flavor and gives great color
  • Remove all the giblets from inside the bird and discard unless you are making gravy with them
  • Remove your bird from the brine and pat it dry completely with paper towels.
  • Inject your bird with this recipe ( Butter based injection recipe )
  • Season your turkey with Caribeque AP Rub for a savory turkey or with Caribeque Honey Heat Rub for a sweet heat twist! 
  • About 1 hour in turns the temperature up to 300-325 to get that skin crisped up.
  • Tent your entire turkey and/or cover the wings so they don’t burn! 
  • Once you reach an internal temp of 165 - 170 degrees, remove turkey from grill and allow to sit for at least 15-20 minutes before carving to allow juices to redistribute.
  • Carve and enjoy

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