Review of the Turbo Stream accessories for The Big Green Egg

I received a package last week from Charles Roberts the owner of Turbo Stream ,

Turbo Stream is a 4 part ( parts sold individually ) accessory package for the Big Green Egg.

The 4 parts include the following :

The Turbo Stream component ring, which is the heart of this product, part 1, is very easy to install. All the other parts connect and detach from this main piece which fits in between the top ring and the fire box. Once its inserted you do not have to remove. This part was easy ! ( LARGE AND XL )


The second part is the elevated charcoal basket which attaches to the above ring. The charcoal basket is used to limit the amount of charcoal you would use for simply a quick sear or grilling a few items hot and fast. This part is neat in the sense that you do no have to fill the entire fire box with charcoal or if its already full you can just add charcoal to the elevated basket and light that part only. In essence you can transform your Large or XL egg into a small of mini for that cook.         ( LARGE AND XL )


The third part of the package is the airflow diffuser plate. This is one of my favorite parts of this product. We all know when using a plate setter for indirect cooks that we sometimes have those hot spots around the edges. This piece eliminated any hot spots and allowed for amazing indirect cooks. I will warn that if you are cooking a long cook say more that 6 hours, you will probably have to go in and refuel as it sits near the bottom of the firebox and allows a limited amount of coal to be added. but anything under 5-6 hours and you should be just fine ! I did wings and a small 8 lb pork butt and had zero issues. Please note that Turbo Stream is in the middle of adding bracket to enable a longer fuel burn so going 14 hours should be a breeze.You also have to use your ash tool to insert and remove this part. I found that throwing on some high heat resistant gloves worked as well too. ( If not better )

( LARGE ONLY for now !  )

Finally Turbo Stream offers a firebox divider plate which is supposed to allow for additional direct vs indirect capabilities while limiting charcoal consumption. This piece also is attached to the Turbo Stream component ring and slides right in to allow for the division of the fire box. ( LARGE ONLY )


After using the entire component system I can say that Turbo Stream has its place in the world of "Eggcesories" for the Big Green Egg. I was very impressed by the heavy duty steel construction as well as the way the components are all based around the main component ring. I found the diffuser plate to be one of my favorite parts as well as the divider box. 

I have no personal affiliation or investments into this product, this is just an impartial review. I think that each person may find certain components  "necessary" to their cooks and others not so much but over all it is a sturdy accessory that has its place in a world of Big Green Egg accessories.


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