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Bacon wrapped chicken meatballs

Bacon, lets just start with that! I am a huge fan of heavy appetizers and when you add bacon to meatballs you cant go wrong! Lets take a closer look at this recipe that can be a meal by adding a salad or just a party treat! Ingredients 1 pound...

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Sausage, bacon , egg and cheese breakfast muffins

I love breakfast food, but I don't always have time to get something made in the morning.   This recipe can be made ahead of time them kept in the refrigerator and reheated quickly in the morning! substitute or add things that you like ( spinach, ham, onion, peppers etc.) Ingredients: 1 dozen eggs 1...

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Slow cooker stuffed sweet peppers featuring Caribeque's Island Thyme seasoning

Shannon from Fit Slow Cooker Queen and Caribeque Seasoning and Rub Company have joined forces on this amazing new recipe for stuffed sweet peppers using Caribeque's Island Thyme Seasoning!   Here is the recipe!    

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