Lemon Garlic chicken and asparagus!

Lemon Garlic chicken and asparagus!

Lemon Garlic chicken and asparagus is such  A quick, light and easy spring recipe!

🔥 Ingredients ⁣

• 1/2 or whole chicken ( or any parts , breasts, legs, thighs or wings )⁣

• Olive Oil⁣

• Caribeque Lemon Garlic seasoning ⁣

• As many asparagus stalks as you enjoy!

🔥 Directions ⁣

• Apply olive oil to both sides of you chicken ( get under that wing )⁣

• Apply Lemon Garlic seasoning to your chicken.⁣

• In a separate container apply olive oil to your asparagus and season with Lemon Garlic seasoning.⁣

• Use separate rings to avoid cross contamination ⁣

• Set up your smoker indirect and add your chicken until it temps out at 165-170 degrees. Go to 180 degrees if you want that skin a little crispier.⁣

• I add my asparagus at the end of the cook, with 10-15 minutes left. We don’t want them to soggy.⁣

• Remove from the smoker let rest , carve and enjoy!⁣

Eat off the board!⁣

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