Whole roasted bbq chicken

Whole roasted bbq chicken

Oven roasted Buffalo Bbq whole chickens.⁣

This is a hearty dish for the family that takes less than an hour to prepare⁣

• Rub your chicken with olive oil.⁣

• Apply Caribeque Chicken Rub both inside the cavity and outside.⁣

• Place in an oven or grill proof baking dish.⁣

• Bake or grill indirectly at 350 degrees until the deepest part of the thigh hits an internal temperature of 160 degrees.⁣

• Apply the Buffalo Bbq Sauce amd pull from your grill or oven once the internal temperature hits 165 degrees.⁣

“ Let your chicken rest for at least 20 minutes. ⁣

Carve and Enjoy!
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